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Quality Overview


Arcadia is certified and registered to ISO 9001, and SAE  military and aerospace AS9120 and AS6081 quality standards (each registered by certification body, NQA), and is DOD qualified under the DLA (Defense Logistic Agency) QSLD and QTSL programs -- which ensures that electronic components are sourced from suppliers with a proven track record and a like-minded commitment to quality, that parts are properly inspected and thoroughly reviewed for consistency with respect to customer requirements, and that shipped parts are new, original, and perform according to the manufacturer's specifications for form, fit, and function.

Highlights of the Arcadia Quality Management System ("QMS")

include the following:

Certified and registered to AS6081, the SAE military and aerospace distributor quality standard for counterfeit detection and avoidance.

AS6081 registration audit generated zero major or minor non-conformances, and zero observations/OFI's.

DOD qualified, under DLA QTSL qualified testing supplier program.

DOD qualified, under DLA QSLD qualified supplier/distributor program.

Aerospace AS9120 certified and registered since 2009.


Perfect score of 1000 out of 1000 points on AS9120/ISO9001 registration audit, as well as on virtually all subsequent annual audits.

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ISO 9001 certified and registered since 2009.

ERAI member since 1998.

IDEA member. since 2013.  IDEA-QMS-9090 (and by extension, IDEA-STD-1010) certified.  Arcadia inspectors certified to IDEA-ICE-3000.

Since 2008, compliant with AS5553, the SAE aerospace OEM quality standard for counterfeit detection and avoidance.

ANSI/ESD-S20.20 certified for handling ESD parts. Since 2011.

Since 2002, inspection of 100% of all inbound part shipments,

100% of lots, and 100% of individual packages.

IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 compliant for handling of moisture 
sensitive parts.  Since 2002.

"Learning is not compulsory...
 ...neither is survival."

      - W. Edward Deming, 
         Father of the Deming Prize for Quality Control

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