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Arcadia Parts Inspection & IDEA-STD-1010


The Arcadia Quality Management System ("QMS") dictates that a rigorous inspection procedure (Product Inspection QSP-824) be followed for all inbound shipments.  Of particular note are the following elements:

  • 100% inspection™

  • Arcadia TrueBlue 56     Parts Inspection -- 56 proprietary counterfeit detection steps, methodologies, and procedures

  • Incorporation of IDEA-STD-1010 inspection standard

  • Inspection as only one part of the overall Counterfeit Detection and Avoidance Policy

100% Inspection

Arcadia Components inspectors are trained to consider parts procured in the open market as non-conforming until conformance is clearly indicated. Although it is understood that the parts are probably exactly what the purchase order contracted for, personnel inspect with caution and with a healthy degree of suspicion. This approach is exercised so as to strongly err on the side of quality rather

than non-conformance.


100% of inbound orders/shipments are inspected.  100% of the lots contained in such shipments are inspected.  100% of the packages comprising such lots are inspected.

Arcadia Proprietary "TrueBlue 56™ Parts Inspection" for Counterfeit Detection

IDEA-STD-1010 represents the cornerstone of the Arcadia inspection process.  However, above and beyond those steps prescribed by IDEA-STD-1010, Arcadia, over the course of its company history since 1994, has also developed, codified, and implemented an additional series of 56 counterfeit and authenticity detection steps (separate from the 72-step IDEA-STD-1010 inspection standard) that it incorporates into every shipment inspection.  These 56 steps and the associated techniques and methodologies are referred to as Arcadia's "TrueBlue 56™ Parts Inspection".  They include myriad physical analyses, digital microscopy, proprietary databases of parts photos and spec sheets, chemical analyses, and destructive analysis -- using both internal and external resources, tools, equipment and expertise.

Incorporation of IDEA-STD-1010 Inspection Standard

IDEA (Independent Distributors of Electronics Association) is the leading resource for independent distributors to find relevant quality information and to participate in advancing industry ethics, ensuring customer satisfaction, establishing standards,

and promoting education.


IDEA is the most widely recognized quality standards body for the independent channel for electronic components.  And the IDEA-STD-1010 inspection standard is far and away the most rigorous, complete, effective, and widely recognized (focused on visual inspection, but also incorporating most other widely used) quality inspection standard in the industry, having been endorsed by NASA and every branch of the U.S. military, as well as a preponderance of leading global manufacturers of electronics across all industry sectors, much so that is the most prominently recommended inspection approach for avoiding, detecting, and mitigating the risks of counterfeits that is cited in the newly published SAE AS5553 and AS6081 aerospace standards for "Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection,

Mitigation, and Disposition".


Arcadia's Quality Management System ("QMS") is in full compliance with the IDEA-STD-1010 inspection standard.  

Arcadia is also a member in good standing of IDEA, and as such has been certified (via annual audit) to IDEA-QMS-9090, which incorporates IDEA-STD-1010B by extension.


Specifically, the Arcadia QMS incorporates IDEA-STD-1010 in its entirety as part of the required inspection procedure (Product Inspection QSP-824).

Certification of Arcadia Inspectors to 

Arcadia inspectors are certified to IDEA-ICE-3000, Professional Inspector Certification Exam.  This is the single most rigorous inspector training, re-training and validation program for professional inspectors of board level electronics purchased on the Open Market. It requires a massive amount of initial and periodic training, coupled with comprehensive periodic testing to ensure current and up-to-date knowledge of inspection techniques, procedures, and protocols.  This training program is the most widely recognized, accredited and adopted inspector training program in the world, and is the only such program we are aware of that is required by

U.S. military prime contractors.

Inspection as only One Part of Counterfeit Detection and Avoidance 

The Arcadia QMS procedure "Counterfeit Part Prevention & Control Policy" (QSP-741), details the process by which Arcadia employees in various departments are required to actively participate in the counterfeit avoidance process.  Inspection is only one part of that.  Virtually every part of Arcadia's Quality Management System is addressed, in order to achieve the objectives of counterfeit avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition -- including vendor selection and management, receiving, quality assurance and inspection, shipping, customer management, communication and notification, and participation in industry counterfeit measures via 


industry organizations. 

"Just as one year in a dogs life is equivalent to 7 years in a human life, one year in the high-technology business is like seven years in any other industry."
      - Regis McKenna

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