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Frequently Asked Questions


Of the questions asked of Arcadia Components, several common ones have been answered below for your convenience.  If you need further information on these or other questions please contact the appropriate department via phone or email for prompt assistance.  Please click on the question to view the answer.

Question: Who is Arcadia?

Answer:  Arcadia is a leading value-added reseller and managed supply chain solutions provider, specializing in IT/computer peripherals, aerospace/aircraft components and parts, electronic components, and wiring/cabling. Industries addressed include: medical, aerospace, aircraft, military, automotive, computers, semiconductors, consumer electronics, industrial, instrumentation, networking, storage, telecommunications, and transportation. The cornerstone of Arcadia's value proposition is superior 24x7worldwide sourcing services, focused on manufacturer-direct sourcing, authorized distribution, factory representative support, and fully-vetted and approved global suppliers. Arcadia was founded in 1994 and is a member of both ERAI and IDEA.  It has an extensive global sourcing footprint, and delivers outstanding execution relative to customer requirements based on a quality management system with full certification and registration to the following quality standards:  ISO 9001, SAE military and aerospace AS6081, SAE aerospace AS9120ANSI/ESD-20.20IDEA-QMS-9090IDEA-STD-1010 and IDEA-ICE-3000

Question:  Why should we deal with you vs. anyone else?

Answer:  The foundation of Arcadia’s success in the market (the Arcadia Difference™) is based on quality, integrity, speed, value, global reach, and passion.  Consistent with that, our internal values are predicated on the importance of customers, quality, availability, integrity, team, and passion – and drive all of our actions, work-style, business philosophy, customer interactions, and recruiting practices.  

Who is Arcadia
Why should we deal with you vs. anyone else?
Question:  What are your sources of supply?

Answer:  The Arcadia Global Sourcing Network™ is set of proprietary relationships and technologies enabling Arcadia to deliver superior breadth and depth of supply to its customers.  Arcadia has built a network of relationships with thousands of suppliers worldwide.  These include manufacturer-direct (OCM - original component manufacturers), authorized distributors, factory representatives, OEM, EMS, and other fully-vetted and approved suppliers. In fact, Arcadia has 12,000+ suppliers, with a collective ~90 million+ square feet of warehousing and manufacturing space; 45+ countries, 6 continents of supply; 900+ manufacturers and 105 million+ line items. 


Arcadia has also assembled a set of technologies enabling the delivery of superior value in terms of the right product, at the right time, and at the right price:  1) source identification from the Arcadia Global Sourcing Network™; 2) source validation & quality control; 3) real-time supplier payment processing; and 4) arbitrage identification and execution.

What are your sources of supply?
Question:  Who are your customers?

Answer:  Arcadia targets its OEM Managed Supply Chain Solutions offerings to manufacturers of information technology, aerospace and aircraft products, and electronics -- all of whom seek to buy hardware, (both modules and board-level) components  and parts, including large and medium-sized global OEMs and EMS companies.  Industries addressed include:  medical, aerospace, aircraft, military, automotive, computers, semiconductors, consumer electronics, industrial, instrumentation, networking, storage, telecommunications, and transportation.  Customers include many Fortune 500 companies, including a good number of Fortune 50 companies who are the number 1 players in their respective industries, as listed in the previous sentence.  As a result Arcadia's customer base is broad and diverse, from several of the top 5 OEM and EMS companies in the world, to small/regional manufacturers and distributors.  In total Arcadia accesses 30,000+ points of demand. 

Who are your customers?
Question:  Where does the name “Arcadia” come from?

Answer:"Arcadia" is the birthplace of Hermes, the Greek messenger god and the god of trade and commerce.  Hermes’ winged sandal was the symbol of his swiftness, strength and reliability.  For Arcadia Components, the name and the winged-sandal logo connote Arcadia’s ability to forge loyal customer relationships by delivering the right component, at the right time, and at the right price -- with speed, strength, and integrity.

Where does the name "arcadia" come from?
"When computers are networked, their power multiplies geometrically.  [People] can reach out and instantly tap the power of other machines, essentially making the entire network their computer."

         -- Scott McNeely, CEO, Sun
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