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Arcadia   Overview


Arcadia   Overview


Arcadia is a leading value-added reseller and managed supply chain solutions provider, specializing in IT/computer peripherals, aerospace/aircraft components and parts, electronic components, and wiring/cabling. The cornerstone of Arcadia's value proposition is superior 24x7worldwide sourcing services, focused on manufacturer-direct sourcing, authorized distribution, factory representative support, and fully-vetted and approved global suppliers. Arcadia was founded in 1994 and is a member of both ERAI and IDEA.  It has an extensive global sourcing footprint, and delivers outstanding execution relative to customer requirements based on a quality management system with full certification and registration to the following quality standards:  ISO 9001, SAE military and aerospace AS6081 and AS9120 (each registered by certification body, NQA)ANSI/ESD-20.20IDEA-QMS-9090, , ANSI/ESD-20.20IDEA-QMS-9090IDEA-STD-1010 and IDEA-ICE-3000, 
...along with DOD qualification as part of the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) QSLD and QTSL programs.

Founded in both the 128-Technology Belt of Boston, and in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, now with its headquarters in Salt Lake City since 2009, with 24/7 sourcing centers in 3 locations around the globe, coupled with a Salt Lake City-based quality management system certified and registered to the above-cited quality standards, Arcadia delivers to its customers, unparalleled quality assurance and access to world-wide sources of component parts via the Arcadia Global Sourcing Network™.

What makes Arcadia different from its competitors, enabling it to deliver superior results? 

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What provides direction for Arcadia employees to deliver superior results?

What supplier relationships,
quality systems, and technologies enable Arcadia to deliver superior results?     

Arcadia is guided by its vision of how and what it delivers in terms of customer experience.  The Arcadia Vision™ (“Right high-quality component, right product, right price...for every customer requirement”), is a bold one.  It alludes to a frequent and varied need/demand on the part of customers (daily shortages, allocations, obsolescence and end of life management, kitting and aggregation, and cost savings objectives for literally millions of part numbers) being uniquely met by a single value-added reseller and managed supply chain solutions provider.  Striving toward achieving the vision speaks to nothing short of:  how the 
company differentiates itself in the market, how its quality management system ensures zero non-conformances, 
how it continues to expand its sourcing network, how it invests in technology and people, and how its employees interact with customers every day.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

- Arthur C. Clarke

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