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Arcadia Line Cards


The cornerstone of Arcadia's value proposition is superior 24x7worldwide sourcing services, focused on manufacturer-direct sourcing, authorized distribution, factory representative support, and fully-vetted and approved global suppliers.

Arcadia is not and will not be franchised for any manufacturer brand(s) which legally restrict Arcadia's ability to source and sell other brands. By extension, Arcadia is not precluded from carrying competitive brands it is not franchised for, as is the case with most traditional franchised distributors.  The resulting independence means that Arcadia can tap its extensive network of manufacturer-direct (OCM), authorized distributors, factory representatives, OEM, EMS, and other fully-vetted and approved suppliers (the Arcadia Global Sourcing Network™) to avail more brands and more part numbers than any franchised distributor in the world.


Products covered include IT/Computer peripherals, aerospace/aircraft components and parts, electronic components, and wiring/cabling.

IT/Computer Peripherals

 Includes all corporate IT hardware, personal and corporate computers, and all peripherals and devices designed to interface (wired or wireless) with personal or corporate computers.

Aerospace/Aircraft Components and Parts

Includes (but is not limited to):  pins, bolts, screws, nuts, retaining rings, rivets, nuts, threaded inserts, washers, connector, terminals, splices, fusion, tape, ties, fuses, lamps, switches, relays, grips, circuit breakers, sensing & controls, solder sleeves, tubing, thermostats, lights, jacks & plugs, clamps, fittings, hoses, battery components, bearings, hinges, installation tooling, latches, nylon components and panel fasteners.

Electronic Components

 Includes LCDs; drives; and the entire spectrum of devices that are placed on printed circuit boards, including all semiconductors such as processors, controllers, and memory devices; all passive devices such as capacitors and resistors; and all connectors.


 Includes all cables, wires, harnesses, and related assemblies and parts.

For more information, call the Arcadia sales department at +1 801-261-5300 or send an email to the Sales Department.
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"Just as we could have rode into the sunset, along came the Internet, and it tripled the significance of the PC.".

-- Andy Grove, Intel

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